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We pride ourselves with the quality of our customer service. Lyall Park takes you on a journey from the concept in your mind to the finished product in your home. We want you to be satisfied through every step of that journey so you not only share the experience but so do your family, friends and colleagues.


We want it to be a storey you can tell them all - so let us help you make a good story to tell.


Our design team take your imagination and vision, transforming those images into reality. Through their skills and experience the result will be something that is not only functional in every respect, but stunningly good looking - matching the style and sophistication of your lifestyle and your home.

Designed to your satisfaction - a design you can rightly call your creation.


We do not mass produce our kitchens and joinery as we believe they are as unique and individual as you. This will be a product that you will work with and enjoy every day so we build it right first time - every time. Combining the world's sophisticated technology with the craftsman capabilities of our specialist team.


Manufactured to the highest standards to be as enduring as the forest they are made from.